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I'm the author of the upcoming novel Shining in Crimson, book one of the Empire of Blood series and the novella The Quiet. I do a free audio serial for Shining in Crimson that can be found on my blog. Each episode is a high quality recording combining my dramatic reading of the book with new up and coming dark underground music from some very talented artists and bands. I also contribute tracks as well as the theme music under my solo recording project Escape From Saturn. You can also read excerpts of my work and participate in quizzes on my blog as well.

a perfect circle, agnosticism, alice in chains, ancient history, ann druyan, as i lay dying, astronomy, astrophysics, atheism, audacity, bass guitar, bentley little, biology, boloney detection kit, books, bruce boston, burning alive, carl sagan, chemistry, civil rights, codeseven, computers, cornelia funke, cosmology, cosmos, creative writing, critical thinking, cubase, dane cook, daniel dennett, deftones, dirk gently, documentaries, douglas adams, dredg, dune, earthsea, embodyment, emery, eoin colfer, escape from saturn, evolution, explosions in the sky, faith no more, fantasy, fantomas, far, foundation, frank herbert, fruity loops, glass casket, glassjaw, god forbid, godspeed you black emperor, godtrip, guitar, h.g. wells, harlan ellison, hitchhiker's guide, home recording, horror, in flames, isaac asimov, j.k. rowling, jack ketchum, james randi, jeremy enigk, joe hill, joe mckinney, kevin smith, keyboard, killswitch engage, laird barron, lewis black, liberatedservant, lift, linux, literature, living sacrifice, lord of the rings, machine head, matthew good, matthew good band, michael marshall smith, michael shermer, michael talbot, mike patton, mr. bungle, mythbusters, nanowrimo, necrophagist, neil gaiman, nes, nick sagan, nine inch nails, norma jean, nuendo, one side zero, onelinedrawing, opeth, pantera, pearl jam, peter straub, peter watts, phillip k. dick, philosophy, physics, piano, pink floyd, playstation, poison the well, pro audio, psychology, quantum physics, ramsey campbell, ray garton, reading, richard dawkins, richard laymon, richard matheson, robert aickman, roger waters, sans seraph, scepticism, science fiction, scientific method, shun, silverchair, singing, soundforge, soundgarden, stephen hawking, stephen jones, stephen king, still remains, sunny day real estate, terry pratchett, the critic, the fire theft, the science channel, the simpsons, tolkien, tool, tori amos, ubuntu, ursula k. le guin, weezer, whitley strieber, writing, writing music

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